Your Visit

antos physical therapy electronic stimulation

Initial Visit

Includes exam, education, brief treatment, self-care and pain relieving exercise


Includes evaluation, progress note, and self-care instructions

Daily Treatment – May include the following:

Trigger-point release:  Reduces spasm and pain to normalize movement

Functional Dry Needling:  Reduces spasm and pain and improves muscle function

Soft-tissue mobilization:  Reduces pain, spasm, and appearance of scar tissue

Joint mobilization:  Restores normal, pain free movement of a joint

Therapeutic Exercise:  Includes guided exercises and home exercise education

Functional exercise:  Dynamic activities to improve function

Neuromuscular re-education:  Retrains muscles to normal movement. Re-educates balance, posture, and movement

Cervical Mechanical Traction:  Relieves pressure on spinal joints

Electrical Stimulation:  Reduces pain and inflammation

Ultrasound:  Promotes healing via cellular stimulation

Gait Training : Training in gait sequencing, weight bearing, and safety instruction


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